Integrity & Leadership

Integrity and Leadership- The Integreship Group

Memorable leaders are not necessarily famous leaders.

They are that third grade teacher you’ll never forget, the boss that believed in you ten years ago that you still talk about, and the manager that stood behind his team while they were unfairly under fire by others in the organization.

These leaders walk their talk. They exemplify virtue, no matter what, and demonstrate courage and tenacity in doing the right thing.


They exemplify integrity. They are the trusted leaders others want to follow. They are:






Research shows, no matter our background, culture, social status, gender or age, we all share these five distinct values that are directly connected to our moral compass and our sense of right and wrong. When leaders align themselves with these values and their own personal values, in their words and their actions, they are aligning themselves with powerful qualities that others recognize and want to follow.

Integrity based leaders aren’t just born, they are shaped.

We are in the business of shaping leaders to lead with integrity.