EQ In-Action Profile

Measures Emotional Agility Under Stress or In Conflict

When we are in stress or conflict with others, our emotional blind-spots can surface. The EQ In-Action Profile sheds light on those blind-spots and produces valuable information for leaders to learn about themselves in emotionally charged situations.

The EQ In-Action Profile is an on-line assessment where participants respond to questions after watching video vignettes. Their answers capture extremely accurate information on their range of emotions, their ability to read others and to what level they care when in emotionally charged exchanges.

Fee includes the on-line assessment, a 20 page personal, in-depth report and a one hour debrief with one of our coaches who are certified to deliver this instrument.

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Emergenetics Profile

Captures the Way People Prefer to Think and Behave

The Emergenetics Profile was developed to distinctively measure how people think and behave. With this insight, you can develop personal strategies to get results.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual).

The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

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