About the Learning Lab

What do YOU want to be known for as a leader?

Legendary leaders are not necessarily famous. They are the third grade teacher you’ll never forget, the boss that believed in you 10 years ago, and the VP that stood behind your team while they were unfairly under fire from others in the organization.

These leaders walk their talk. They exemplify virtue no matter what and demonstrate courage and tenacity in doing the right thing.

“Legendary leaders aren’t known for their technical skills. They’re known for how they make people feel.”  The Integreship Group


We pick up where most leadership development leaves off.

Think of The Learning Lab as a leader’s gym where leaders can strengthen their people skills, stretch their confidence muscles and have their own personal trainer to guide and support them in defining and building themselves to be a memorable leader with character.

In the gym you’ll find three workout stations: Micro-Tutorials, On-Demand Mentoring and Webinars from seasoned leaders.

Leadership Lab- The Integreship Group

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The Learning Lab is on-demand. You have access to it at any time, without leaving your office!


Micro-Tutorials are information rich, approximately 15 minute long video modules that focus on adapted skills from professional coaching, emotional intelligence and personal resilience training.

Targeted Development

Targeted Development tracks are bundled Micro-Tutorials and resources for specific developmental areas identified through performance reviews, business metrics or day-to-day observation.

On-Demand Mentors

Ever wish you had access to a trusted advisor to talk things through and who actually understood the challenges you face as a leader? On-demand mentoring gives you access to a seasoned leader who has been there and can help you navigate difficult situations just when you need it. 

Monthly Webinars

Leaders learn from leaders in our monthly webinars. Each month we pick a leadership topic and have experts and leaders who have been there discuss their personal experiences relative to that months topic. Webinars are interactive, lively and allow time for participants to ask questions.