About Us

The founders of The Integreship Group are senior leaders from both the corporate and executive coaching fields who recognized a large gap in how most organizations build their leaders.

While there are many excellent leadership development programs that show leaders how to navigate complex workplace dynamics, there is usually an underlying assumption that leaders have the people skills and self-awareness to effectively use those tools. All too often leaders find themselves confused and struggling in the gray areas of messy people dynamics, resulting in a failure to transfer what they’ve learned.

We aim to fill that gap and we’re committed to building trustworthy leaders people want to work for. We’ve assembled well vetted, top experts and seasoned leaders who understand the realities of leadership to contribute to our Micro-Tutorials, Mentor Coaching and Practice and Feedback rounds.

The Integreship Group

Our Vision

All leaders will have the skills, resources and support they need to act with confidence and integrity, and can lead others to do the same.

We Believe

When leaders put integrity and character first, trust and engagement follows.

Our Mission

To provide the right learning, the right support from the right people to transform leaders into trustworthy influencers, guided by values and integrity.

Our Purpose

Is to provide the most robust and comprehensive, on-demand virtual learning space for leaders to acquire people skills, greater self-awareness and practice, feedback and support from trustworthy, seasoned leaders.