We Build Leaders People Want to Work For

Mentoring • Micro-Learning • Coaching

For rising leaders to master the people part of their job

The Integreship Group

We Build Leaders People Want to Work For.

Mentoring • Micro-Learning • Coaching

For rising leaders to master the people part of their job

Seasoned Leaders Supporting Rising Leaders

Producing results through people by mastering people skills.

15 to 30 minutes online each week can get you there!

How do I master the people part of my job?

Define It

What do you want to be known for as a leader?

Leaders aren’t defined by their roles. They’re defined by making a conscious choice about how they want to lead.

The very best leaders determine what kind of leader they want to be and use that to drive their behavior, decisions and actions.

We’ll partner with you to build a personalized definition of the leader you want to be.

Build It

What skills, resources and support do you need to be that leader?

Develop those specific interpersonal, communication and emotional intelligence skills to be the kind of leader you want to be.

To be a really great leader people want to work for, you’ll need to be a career-long learner in this area.

We provide micro-learning and cloud-based video exchanges with a mentor to build these skills.                                                                                               

Be It 

How do you successfully integrate all of this into your daily interactions with your team?

The success rate as a leader goes up exponentially when you master people skills. And to do that you’ll need to have the right support.

Our seasoned leaders will mentor and coach you to stay on course while integrating these people skills. They’ll provide insightful feedback, tips and resources as you develop into the leader people will want to work for.

Why We Do What We Do

Karen Alber, former CIO at MillerCoors and HJ Heinz and partner at Integreship talks about the tough people dynamics all leaders face and how leaders can feel isolated and alone while trying to navigate them.

Statistics provided by American Psychological Association 2016 Work & Well-Being Survey of U.S. Employees.

53% Feel Valued
50% Feel Recognized
47% Feel Fairly Evaluated
50% Feel They Have Opportunities
46% Feel Included in Decision Making, Problem Solving & Goal Setting

We see a tremendous opportunity to build strong and outstanding leaders people want to work for. Let us be your partner in building YOUR leaders!